Last updated on December 15th, 2022

We all love adventures. They provide us with the perfect opportunity to spice up our otherwise dull routines as well as help us unwind from the hassles and bustles of the prevailing fast lane life. Suppose you plan a successful weekend or holiday to get away with family members or work colleagues. It would help if you had the right tools. One of the essential tools to bring along is the best instant tents. The tent will be your home away from home and a storage place to keep your valuable items.

However, tent designs have evolved over the years so much that it gives both campings rookies and advanced campers a hard decision to make. If the tent doesn’t take too much of your time to set up, it may lack the basic amenities for a more modern leisure camping experience.

This article has listed the top instant tents on the market. Keep it locked here as we will bring you different models of these fastpitch tents that suit your family size, pocket, and other aspects of instant tents should come with, so you can check which one matches your needs or is within your budget.

What Are The Best Instant Tents : Top 10 Easy Setup Shelters

We have thoroughly tested all the tents mentioned in the review under challenging weather conditions. Such as continuous heavy rain to test their durability, wind resistance, and waterproofness. We also check the size and height of these tents by residing in different numbers of tall people to check and verify the number of people a tent can accommodate and the center height of the tent. So please read the article for more exciting information we gathered for you.

Coleman Cabin Instant Camping Tent

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup in 60 Seconds

The Coleman instant cabin tent is kick off our list at number one. This tent comes with preattached four side poles and roof poles, making it a piece of cake to set up. Additionally, the versatility of this tent is unquestionable. It has a freestanding cabin style design, making it vertically taller to accommodate and facilitate easy movement without disassembling it. This tent comes in three different sizes: four-person, six-person, and ten-person. 

The Coleman instant tent is also an all-seasons tent. With huge windows and a large floor, it can fit six sleeping bags inside without feeling cramped. With this tent, you would not have condensation issues. It has two large roof vents that guarantee enough airflow and natural lighting inside the tent. This tent comes with a single-layered skin that is plastic welded, making the seals durable. This tent is compounded with the welded floor and inverted seams, which help keep all the weather elements outside the tent and extend your tent’s lifetime.

When taking off the grid weekends with family or friends, the last thing you want to have is the collapsing tent. The Coleman instant tent corners poles are fitted with the clip system technology. When completely extended, the clips pop out, locking the pole to the desired length and preventing them from collapsing. 


  • Setup Time: 60 Seconds
  • Type: Instant Setup
  • Capacity: 4-Persons, 6-Persons, 10-Persons
  • Weight: 42Pounds
  • Easy Instant Setup
  • Large Floor Size
  • Sufficient Airflow
  • Clip System Technology
  • Not Suitable for backpacking heavyweight

If you are looking for an instant tent, this Coleman instant cabin tent is as instant as it gets. The ceiling quality protects from the bad weather condition, and the large vents facilitate excellent airflow. This tent is ideal for large outgoing families who love to enjoy nature.

Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Tent

Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail’s six-person dark rest instant cabin tent is the number two spot on our list. This is yet another tent with a cabin-style design and tall walls. The design gives you sufficient space to store your bedding and, at the same time, allows for more maneuverability inside the tent. Another key highlight of the Ozark trail six-person instant cabin tent is the innovative dark rest technology. It blocks the harmful sunlight rays and regulates temperature insight into the tent.

This tent comes with two windows plus one large door, all of which have mesh and panels for ventilation and privacy purposes. Depending on the weather of your location, they can be zipped or left open, making it an all-rounded all-seasons tent. The interior ceiling panels have multiple skylights that give you the freedom to regulate the amount of light. If you love stargazing, you can roll them at night to have an unmetered view of the heavens.

In terms of quality, the Ozark trail tent is generally strongly built. The corner poles and the nine complementary steel stakes are of sturdy steel to withstand even the most erratic winds. This only goes to underwrite why it is one of the best freestanding tents currently available in the market. Size-wise this tent can easily accommodate two queen air beds or up to six people depending upon the variant of the tent. This tent comes in different accommodation capacities of six persons and nine persons.

Every occupant gets to enjoy the incredible fifteen-foot per person, which is not only a sufficient sleeping space but also enough to store other camping gear. Additional bonuses you can enjoy in this tent include electrical cord access to charge your appliances and a carry bag to facilitate storage and transportation.


  • Type: Instant Setup
  • Material: Polyester Fabric
  • Capacity: Up to seven persons
  • Size: 48.00 x 10.60 x 10.60″
  • Innovative Dark Rest Technology
  • One large door and two windows
  • Strong built quality
  • Electrical Cord access
  • Quite Heavy to Carry on

If you are looking for a tough tent that gives you authentic backpacking and mountaineering feel, then this instant tent from Ozark Trail is the best option for you to consider. It comes with a wide array of cool features, waterproof material, and a sleek design. 

CORE 9 Person Instant Tent

9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

All the products of Core are created to enhance outdoor adventures, whether they are in the backyard or the mountains. We are now introducing the Core nine-person instant cabin tent, one of the enormous family camping tents out in the market.

This three-season type tent is fully freestanding, enabling you to pitch it on any terrain easily. the fourteen by nine feet floor and a center height of seven feet give you colossal living space to accommodate nine people with air beds inside the tent. It comes with two enormous doors for your smooth in-and-out experience and two rooms to accommodate your friends and family.

It also comes with dividers that can be removed to have a single huge living space. Annoying bugs can be a significant problem outdoors; that’s why this tent comes with windows with mesh that allows fresh air to enter the tent while keeping the bugs out. Combined with its steel pull construction, this tent offers total protection in any weather condition. Core uses H2O technology, making the tent fabric water repellent and suitable for wet weather.


  • Tent Fabric:  Durable 68D Polyester
  • Capacity: Nine Persons
  • Season: Three season
  • Weight: 30.9 LBS
  • Dimensions: 14 X 9 feet
  • Innovative Dark Rest Technology
  • One large door and two windows
  • Strong built quality
  • Electrical Cord access
  • Quite Heavy to Carry on
  • Doors are not too solid

MOON LENCE Instant Up Tent

MOON LENCE Instant Pop Up Tent

Moon lens instant pop-up tent is the best choice for your camping experience. The setup is quick and straightforward to set this tent up. It’s straightforward to pitch; lift the top of the tent, pop the top mechanism down, and then click the bottom joints in place, so it is clear to take it anywhere.

The instant pop-up mechanism helps set up the inner tent within one minute. There are ten alloy pegs and five guy ropes to kThe instant pop-up mechanism helps set up the inner tent within one minute. There are ten alloy pegs and five guy ropes to keep the tent stable in windy weather.

The moon lens instant tent has excellent weather protection, weather resistance, and UV resistance. Four large mesh windows and one v-shaped door are breathable and stable, equipped with high-quality SVS zippers providing stronger resistance to harsh weather. The tent is equipped with inside pockets, so you have plenty of room to store important or frequently used accessories like cell phones, wallets, keys, and more.


  • Fabric Material: 190T PU + 210D Oxford cloth
  • Zippers: Dual SBS zipper with waterproof brand
  • Season: Three season
  • Tent Poles: Glass Fiber
  • Pegs: Iron
  • Durable and Quality Material
  • Instant Setup within sixty secs
  • Water-resistance rainfly
  • UV protection
  • Wind protection
  • Not 100% water resistant as the rainfly not covers the tent fully

Spend a great time with your friends and family while camping and make great memories with the moon lence instant tent. 

Toogh 3-4 Person Instant Tent

Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent 60 Seconds Set Up Tent

This tent is the fifth number on our list because of its exciting and best features. Talking about the exact time to set up is subjective, as a seasoned camper can set up this tent within sixty seconds. At the same time, a newbie can take up to five minutes to set it up for the first time. But once a new camper becomes used to it, it becomes a matter of a few seconds to set it up and takedown. Toogh 3- 4 person instant tent is the perfect choice for those looking for an instant setup that takes seconds to a few minutes to design and is easy to take down.

Let us talk about the quality of the tent and its material. The tent comprises 210D+Oxford material high-quality Nylon, making it durable and lightweight. The tent has a water resistance rating of 3000mm which means that it can hold a water column of 3000mm tall. The waterproof rating of the floor is 10000mm, which means it can stand tall 10000mm water column. So the overall waterproof rating level and our test conclude that this tent is durable enough to stand harsh weather conditions and keep your tent waterproof inside.

Toogh instant tent has two large mesh doors with excellent ventilation and a breathing experience. The mesh doors have a dense mosquito tent that keeps the mosquitos outside the tent for comfort stay at the tent. The tent comes with two poles that make a small porch in front of the tent so you can keep your language and shoes there.

The tent is hexagonal, with six poles tightened with nails on the ground, which makes the tent stand against heavy winds. The center height of the tent is about 5.5 inches, not the tallest tent and suitable for tall people. The company claims to accommodate three to four adults. Still, from our experience, it can only accommodate two young adults comfortable or a small family of two adults and one or two children with some luggage and gear.


  • Fabric Material: 210D high-density oxford material
  • Is Waterproof and Anti-condensation: Yes
  • Instant Setup: Yes
  • Capacity: 3-4 persons
  • Weight: 6Kg
  • Easy to set up for seasoned camper
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Value For Money
  • Not ideal for tall people (center height 5.5”)
  • Not suitable for more than two adults

Timber Ridge 6 Person Instant Camping Tent

Timber Ridge 6 Person Camping Tent

Make your camping season awesome with a timber ridge tent, a camping tent that provides you fantastic durability, and plenty of features to make your camping a memorable one.
This tent comes in a large carrying bag, three poles, tent stakes with a carry case, a rainfly, and a mesh. This tent is held up by two long fiberglass poles that are tight easily through channels sewn along the top of the tent. The end of the poles are inserted into pins attached to every four corners of the tent, and overall it seems pretty sturdy. The rainfly covers the tent quickly and is connected to four corners of the tent. The tent has seven wind ropes attached to it, one at each corner of the tent and an additional one on each side and back wall.

This tent is eleven feet by nine feet wide and has a center height of seventy-two inches. The tent takes about ten minutes to set up entirely for the first time, which will reduce next time. The rainfly covers the tent altogether, preventing the rainwater from poping inside the tent. The tent has a large D-shaped door, making getting in and out of the tent very easy.

Inside the tent, there are three mesh wall pockets to store your wallet, smartphone, keys, and other small items. At the top of the tent, there is a mesh self to hold gear.

With three large zipper mesh and top mesh windows, this tent ensures continuous airflow and adequate ventilation, which will enhance your camping experience to a whole new level. This tent is a freestanding instant cabin tent, so you can move it around and rotate even after you set it up, which provides the extra advantage of camping. This tent has a capacity of six people so forget all the hassle of accommodation. From our experience, this tent can easily accommodate up to four adults along with luggage and gear.


  • Poles: Telescopic
  • Windows: 3
  • Door: 1
  • Floor Style: Bathtub
  • Capacity: Six Person
  • Large Size Instant Camp
  • Easy Instant setup even for beginners
  • Durable and Sturdy Material
  • All Season Camp
  • Not suitable for more than four persons
  • Very heavy and oversized size

So if your main priority is in setup and peak spaces, this tent will fascinate you with its unique features. You can consider buying this tent provided the features and price it comes in; it can be a value for money product for you.

TETON Sports Quick Tent

TETON Sports Quick Tent; Pop-Up Tent; Instant Setup

The tent at the number seven spot is the Teton sports outfitter XXL tent. If you love camping alone, the outfitter XXL, without a doubt, is the best option for you. It has a unique pitching design, making it super exciting and straightforward to set up for starters. Even without the short two minutes of setup time, the stargazer option makes it a great choice. However, most tents come with this feature. It never made more sense than camping solo in the wilderness inside a small pop-up tent.

It gives you the best opportunity to quietly and peacefully gaze into the night sky. Once you’re tired, you can retreat to the sleeping pad and enjoy the serene heavenly views in the well-ventilated interior through the fully meshed rooftop.

Another interesting aspect that you’ll appreciate is the possibility of attaching a camping cot to the XXL quick tent. Whether you want to place the tent in a beach, forest, or other camping sites, this instant quick pitch tent is up to the task. It gives you the freedom to customize your camping theme, which may require different ground clearance levels.

It comes with a single door effectively positioned on the side for easy access into the tent. The U-shaped door can be folded away to facilitate more airflow and remove condensation inside the tent when it is not in use. This unique design makes it easy to get up and roll out your inflatable bed without touching the corner poles.


  • Capacity: 2 Person
  • Setup: Instant quick pitch
  • Unique feature: Waterproof, pop-up, rainfly
  • Is Waterproof: Yes
  • Season: All Season
  • Super simple to set up
  • Unique Design
  • U-Shaped Door
  • Well Ventilated Interior
  • Not suitable for tall campers

To sum it up, the Teton’s sports outfitter XXL quick tent works great for solo campers. Other than the fact it’s easy to assemble, it is a basic bound structure making it portable; additionally, the multiple mesh facilities better ventilation, making it an ideal all-season tent.

Eureka Copper Canyon LX Instant Tent

Eureka! Copper Canyon LX, 3 Season, Camping Tent

This is Eureka’s most liveable camping tent. The Eureka Copper Canyon LX3 is a spacious and featured pack tent built to enhance your camping experience. This three-season tent has a max sleeping capacity of four people with an interior peak height of seven feet so that you can have excellent moveability inside the tent. With its breathable polyester taffeta material, this tent makes sure that you always stay comfortable in all weather conditions.

The LX3 has a divider down to the middle, sp you can easily split up the room between two families, like having your two-bedroom cabin at the campsite. It comes with two massive doors at the front and rear for easy in and out access and also features large mesh windows with waterproof curtains that offer scenic views and plenty of ventilation.


  • Capacity: 4-Persons
  • Season: Three Seasons
  • Is waterproof: Yes
  • Installation: Easy Setup
  • Material: Polyester Taffeta Material
  • Frame: Fiberglass
  • Poles: Steel
  • Suitable for tall people with a center height of 7 feet
  • Great ventilation
  • Extra weather
  • Power Port
  • The floor is too thin

This tent is durable; steel and fiberglass frame features pull leaves these corner hubs and quick clips which unlock easy setup at the campsite while making it durable—making it a perfect choice for family campers.

Kazoo Family Camping Instant Tent

kazoo instant tent

Enjoy your family camping with a kazoo instant family camping tent. A cabin tent that is nicely proportioned and amazingly constructed so that you and your family can enjoy comfortable camping every single time. This tent comes with a rainfly, twelve stakes, three aluminum silver color poles, and a groundsheet for placing the tent over the sheet.

The Kazoo tent is made of aluminum poles and a 210T rip-stop polyester fabric, with a waterproof rate of 3000 millimeters. It offers two fly windows and two enormous doors for outstanding so you can enjoy the outside view in a better way. This tent has become much more robust so that it can protect your whole family, groupmates, and friends without a doubt.

The tent has windows on all two and two large D-shaped doors on the front and rear sides for better airflow and ventilation inside the tent to overcome condensation. The mesh windows have curtains that you can put down for privacy. The tent has a reversible awning that gives a nice storage area in front of the door, where you can store your camping gear and shoes.

The center height varies for different variants of tents having various accommodation capacities. The tent has a center height of fifty-three inches for a three-person variant. The three-person variant of this tent has floor dimensions of 78 x 78 inches, which is suitable for six-foot people. The three-person variant of this tent can easily accommodate two people; more than two people could become crampy. Inside the tent, you have a couple of storage compartments for wallets, keys, cell phones.


  • Capacity: 3 Person, 4 Persons, and Six Persons
  • Fabric: 210T Ripstop Fabric
  • Is waterproof: Yes
  • Installation: Easy Setup
  • Lightweight
  • Front Porch area for storage
  • Great ventilation
  • Poles and Stakes of good quality
  • The bottom of the tent is of low quality, very thin material
  • Material of Zippers is not
  • Did not come with the instruction manual

The kazoo family camping tent is well known for its fantastic design and freestanding style, perfect for couples and small families with two adults and two children. Families can consider buying the upper variant of this tent, four persons or six people.

Ozark Trail 11 Instant Tent

Ozark Trail 11 Person  Instant Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail comes up with multiple variants, tents, and other outdoor gear and gadgets. The Ozark trail is 11 person all seasons cabin tent. This tent is equipped with an extra attached back private room providing you a full separate room in the tent.

This tent has three rooms that can easily accommodate two queen-sized air beds. It also has a removable room divider that can be rolled up to have a substantial single leaving space. This tent has six large windows which allow fresh air to pass through while keeping the bugs and mosquitos out; so you can enjoy fresh air well out in adventure. It is the ultimate cabin tent for any outdoor festival gathering.

Ozark Trail’s freestanding construction makes it very easy to set up. The frames come pre-attached to the tent from the manufacturer so that you can unfold it in all directions and set it up with poles in all orders without any stress. The tent comes with gear organizers for storing your go-to items. There are pockets for keeping your things arranged, and its fabric is made from waterproof polyester, which ensures you always stay dry even on heavy rainy days.


  • Capacity: 11 People
  • Dimensions: 14″ x 14″ inches
  • Weight: 38.37 LBS
  • Fabric Material: Polyester
  • Seasonality: All Season
  • Setup in under two minutes
  • Three Rooms with huge Space
  • Bonus Private Room
  • Awning
  • The bottom of the tent is of low quality, very thin material
  • Not suitable for harsh weather
  • Very Heavy to carry

If you are looking for a spacious tent searching out the online marketplace that can handle your large family outdoor camping comfortably, this Ozark Trail 11 person tent is the right choice for you.

How to Choose the Right Instant Tent

You have decided to buy an instant tent for your next camping journey. However, you may still get confused by too many options available in the market and decide which you should buy to fulfill your requirements and provide you value for the money.

Don’t panic and overthink about this. This guide will discuss a few essential points that you should keep in mind before making a purchase decision for your tent. These points will help you pick the best instant tent for your needs.

Quick Instant Setup

As the manufacturer claims, the first point you have to consider when picking a tent is the instant and quick setup. There may be a tent that supposed it says it’s instant and takes a few minutes to set up, but in reality, it is not.

The manufacturers of these tents sometimes mentioned that the tent is easy to set up for the experienced campers and may take a few minutes for beginners to set it down.

To overcome this issue, you must look for the reviews and videos of that tent, so you don’t have to battle setting up the tent. Also, look for the user manual that comes with the tent by contacting the tent manufacturer.

Size of the Tent

The other important factor is the size of the tent. You must know how many people will be camping with you. So you can buy a tent with a size that provides you extra space within the tent after accomodating all the people.

For example, if you are a solo camper, you should buy a two-person backpack tent to accommodate you, along with your gears and language easily. If you are a couple, then you should consider purchasing a three-person tent and so on, a tent with the capacity of one extra person is always the best choice for you.

Weight of the tent

The tent’s weight is another critical factor as you have to carry the tent along with you when traveling on foot. A tent should have a reasonable weight that is easy to carry on long-distance when required, along with other essential factors of size and setup.

All instant tents are not lightweight or easy to carry, especially the large ones, as the capacity of persons increases the weight also increases proportionally. When purchasing online, look for this information on the product page and read other buyers’ reviews regarding the tent’s weight.

Sometimes you have to compromise on the weight if you are looking for more capacity and durability of the material as these two factors increase the tent’s weight as well.

Durability and Weather Protection

Your tent is just like home in a home away, so it must be capable of protecting yours against extreme weather conditions like harsh winds, heavy rain, or hot sunny day. The tent poles should be sturdy enough to stand tall against high winds. If you are camping in the mountains in rainy and storm conditions, then the must-have maximum waterproof rating of 3000mm and wind resistance of up to 30mph to stand against heavy wind.

On the other side, if you are camping on a desert site where the weather is sweltering and sunny, then you should consider buying a tent that has fabric with UV protection for blocking sunlight. So always consider your campsite’s climate whenever purchasing a tent to avoid any hassle.

Value for Money

You are price-conscious and always look for a product that provides value for the money you spend. That’s why you are here and reading this article to get the best instant tent at a reasonable price.

This point is personalized, and every person defines value for money for any items as per their own choice and requirements. I am leaving this point for you to choose the best product per your requirements and the points mentioned above to get the best-valued tent at a reasonable price.


What is the best instant tent to buy?

There are many best instant tents available in the market both online and offline from where you can choose the best tent as per of your choice. The Coleman instant cabin tent is our top pick in this category as it is easy and instant to set up within a few seconds and comes with unique features. Read the review here.

What is the quickest tent to put up?

The answer to this question is straightforward. Coleman Cabin Tent is the fastest and quickest tent to pitch, with an Instant setup of sixty seconds. The preattached poles make it super easy to set up. Just take out the tent from the bag and pop it up. You don’t even have to look at the instruction value for the setup, and a single person can easily set it up without any hassle. The quality of this tent is impressive and comes with unique features makes it worth buying. 

What are instant tents?

Instant tents, as the name suggests instant, quick, and easy to set up. This type of tent takes only a few minutes, even a few seconds if you are a seasoned camper, to set up at the campsite. 

Instant tent usually comes in dome shape style with preattached poles. So one only has to unpack the tent and pop up the automatic pull system at the top of the tent to set it up where our stakes are preattached already. These tents are lightweight depending upon the size and capacity of the tent and easy to carry on anywhere when you are on foot.

Are Fast Pitch Tent Worth?

Yes, a Fastpitch tent is worth buying if you are buying from well-known brands like Coleman. Fastpitch tents get you away from the hassle of spending hours pitching up the campsite tent and taking it down. Fastpitch tents are also called instant; quick set up tents are designed so that you don’t need to assemble any parts of the ten, as these types of tents come pre-assembled with preattached poles. So you don’t need to worry about setting it up.

How to set up an instant tent

Setting up an instant tent is relatively easy, but sometimes it can take time to set up for absolute beginners. The setup time also may vary from tent to tent. Some tents take sixty seconds, while others may take a few minutes to set up, depending upon the set up system and the size of the tent. 

Tents like Coleman instant tents are very easy to set up as these type of tents comes with attached poles to a centralized system at the top of the tent. All you have to do is take out the tent, make it stand, and fetch the preattached poles to their extended length. It is as simple as we described here. You can also consult the instruction manual with the tent to avoid any hassle. 

Different Type of Tents

There are many different types of tents varying in shape and size. These different types of tents provide excellent features and built quality to the users. These tents are constructed by considering the few factors that enhance the functionality in mind to provide the best camping experience at the end of the day.

Some of the most common types of tents are:

  1. Pop up tents
  2. Dome Tent
  3. Cabin Tents
  4. Instant Tent
  5. Backpacking Tents

Let’s discuss each of these types in some detail.

Pop-up Tents

As the name suggests, pop-up tents are free-style tents set up just by popping them up in the free area, just like popping up an umbrella. Most pop-up tents can be set up in ten seconds or less, often without any work than by simply opening the carrying bag. Takedowns can take a bit longer, especially for the first time and an absolute beginner. 

Pop-up tents are in demand now because of their quick setup style. Pop-up tents are usually lightweight and can be carried on while hiking mountains. These tents are not typically reliable and heavy-duty as regular tents are, but few brands like Coleman have some high-quality and durable pop-up tents. These tents are more suitable for solo campers for festival camping or backyard camping for kids.

Instant Tent

Instant tents are easy to set up within a few minutes. These tents come with pre-assembled poles attached to a centralized mechanism at the top of the tent. You need to unwrap the tent, stretch it, and extend the stakes to their full length on the ground. The tent’s corners can be attached to the stacks to make the tent stand firm on the floor. All instant tents are not quick and easy pitches; some need to be assembled by attaching the poles on the three corners of the tent, which can take more setup time and is a difficult task for the new campers. 

-These tents come in different shapes and sizes to help buyers match their requirements and needs. Instant tents are top-rated and in-demand due to their setup time, and also these tents are durable and easy to carry-on on camping trips. Instant tents are also known as pop-up tents as the setup time of these types of tents is less than minutes; thus, a pop-up tent can be an instant tent, but not every instant tent pops up. 

Cabin Tent

Cabin tents are large tents with large straight vertical walls, providing massive space for the campers to freely move around inside the tent without any hassle. As these tents are large enough to provide considerable center height and width, tall people can comfortably move around inside the tent. Instant Cabin tents are best for large camping groups and families as these tents have enough capacity to accommodate large groups. 

Cabin tents have two large rooms with a divider to divide them into two separate rooms or convert them into one large room. These tents have large doors for making in and out more accessible and large windows for better ventilation inside the tent. Cabin tents come in different capacity sizes and designs to provide you with multiple options to the best option per your camping requirements. Cabin tents are durable, and the fabric material is of high quality providing you best weather protection in harsh weather conditions and protecting you from rain.  

Dome Tents

Dome tents are another type of tent that has a dome-like shape. The dome tent structure is like a dome because the poles are curved and cross over the top of the tent. The base of the dome tents can be hexagonal or square, depending on the pole structure of the tent. Dome tents come in the pop-up and instant tents types setup, making the cabin tent easy to set up and quickly pitch. 

One downside of these dome tents is that their center height is not large enough as the tent size starts to reduce from the sides of the tent, which makes the dome tent not large enough and suitable for tall people. 

Backpacking Tents

Backpacking tents are designed to carry on your back while walking miles when you are on a hiking or camping trip. These tents are designed keeping in view the size, shape, weight, and durability features to provide the solo campers with the best backpacking tent for their camping adventure. Backpacking tents come in different capacity sizes, one person and two persons; if you are a solo camper with less camping gear, then a one-person tent best suits you. 

Backpacking tents come in all-season types that can be used for camping in any season. Three seasons tents are the most common type of backpacking. Backpacking tents use lightweight poles and mesh all over the tent, making it weigh less. These tents come with a rainfly to protect the tent from getting wet from inside and stakes to make the tents withstand windstorms. Backpacking tents come in different types, such as mountaineering backpacking tents and extended season backpacking tents. These tents provide extra features that extend their durability and functionality and provide you with multiple options to choose from as per your requirements. 

how to fold instant tent

Setting up an instant tent can be tricky for the first time for beginners. You may face difficulty handling the tent from the top and stretching all the poles away from the centralized hub.

So for your ease, we have shared a video tutorial on folding Coleman instant tents. The procedure for all the other instant tents will also be the same.


After thoroughly testing and examing all the mentioned tents in our listicle article, our top pick and recommended instant tent is the Coleman Instant Cabin tent. We consider different factors while recommending this tent, such as built quality, capacity variation, weather protection, water resistance, and value for money.

The Coleman instant tent is easy and fast to pitch up because of its preattached poles design. Plus, this tent has excellent double-thick fabric quality, taped inverted seam to prevent rainwater poping inside the tent, weather tech protection, and a center height of six feet. This tent is an excellent choice for families as this tent comes in three different sizes.


Meet our camping blog author, Mark Allen! Mark is an avid outdoors enthusiast who grew up camping and hiking in the Pacific Northwest. He has since explored the wilderness of many different regions across the United States and Canada, and has a deep passion for sharing her experiences and knowledge with others. Mark has been writing about camping and hiking for over five years, and has contributed to a variety of online publications and print magazines. Her writing style is approachable and engaging, and she loves to share tips and advice for beginners just getting started in the outdoors.