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Summer camping is fun and full of enjoyment with friends and family members. To make your summer camping full of fun, you need to have the right summer camping tent for hot weather, saving you from the harsh UV rays of the sun and providing you great ventilation inside the tent.

There are various summer camping tents, but all do not provide the right protection from heat and UV rays at the same level. This article reviews the 5 best tents for hot weather based on their experience and how they perform under extreme summer conditions. So you would have peaceful and comfortable summer camping in the hot weather condition.

Our top pick for the best tent for hot weather is the Coleman Darkroom Tent. This budget-friendly tent blocks 90% of the sun lights and reduces heat by about 9.5% inside the tent.

Best Summer Camping Tent Top 5 Hot Weather Tents

Coleman Dark Room Tent

Coleman Darkroom Tent fot hot weather

We have picked Coleman Dome Tent with Darkroom technology as our top pick. This tent provides great protection from UV rays by blocking 90% of the sun rays. This feature keeps your tent dark inside even the sun is full in the noon. This tent also reduces 9.5% of the heat compared to other Coleman standard tents. Tub-like floor with patented corner welds and covered seams keeps the tent dry inside in the rain.

This tent has screened room that provides you great ventilation with bug-free lounging inside the tent. This screened-in room can be used as a sleeping area or a gear storage area. This tent has a floor area of 9 x 7 ft and can fit one queen size airbed, and can accommodate up to 3 adults quite comfortably along with bags and gear. This tent has dome style and a low peak center height of 4 ft. 11 inches.

The tent structure is firm and sturdy enough to withstand 35+ MPH winds. From a weather resistance point of view, this tent is a great option for summer camping as it has great hot weather protection. Additionally, this tent has extra features like storage pockets, an e-port extension to run down cable for charging your gadgets, a rainfly to put over the tent for protection from rainwater, and a carry bag to pack and carry along anywhere.


  • WeatherTech System protects from rainwater
  • Darkroom technology blocks 90% of sun rays
  • Can withstand winds up to 35MPH
  • Reduces 9.5% more heat than normal tents
  • This tent takes 15 minutes to setup
  • Provides great protection from UV rays
  • Patented cornors and protected seams keep waterout
  • Withstand high winds upto 35MPH
  • Not the tallest tent
  • Can’t fit four person

Wenzel klondike 8 Hot Weather Tent

wenzel klondike tent

Wenzel klondike is a great 8 person tent suitable for a large family and 6 person group camping during the summer season. This large tent offers a lot of space with a floor area of 16ft x 11ft and can easily accommodate up to six-person. With 6.5ft headroom, moveability inside the tent for the tallest person is not an issue. 

This tent has a large screened-in room that can be used as a separate room for more comfort and privacy. The screened room has an area of 60 square feet. The screen room can be used for multiple purposes, such as a relaxing room, storage area for all the gears and equipment, or lounging room. 

Wenzel klondike provides great ventilation and air circulation inside the tent due to its full mesh rooms and two mesh windows keeping the tent ventilated 24/7. The tent built quality is also very high as the tent fabric is built using weather Armor polyester fabric with a water-resistant polyurethane. The tent is highly water-resistant due to double stitching lap-felled seams. 

Wenzel klondike 8 person tent is your new home away from home and provides you best and most comfortable camping experience in the summer.


  • Floor Area: 98 ft²
  • Peak Height: 78″
  • Weight: ‎29.7 Pounds
  • Fabric Material: Polyester Taffeta
  • Floor Material: Welded Polyethylene
  • Great ventilation as it has mesh roof and meshes windows
  • Weather coated fabric with all the stitchings sealed provide great protection from rain
  • The large screened room provides additional space for gear storage or a separate living room
  • Budget-friendly large family and group tent
  • The dark color rainfly absorbs the heat and make the tent hotter inside
  • Zippers stucks while zipping and unzipping the doors

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

core 9 person instant cabin tent

The Core 9 person instant cabin tent is designed to provide you hassle-free and comfortable camping experience. This tent is specially designed for family and large group summer camping. Besides being a large tent, it is extremely easy to set up due to its pre-attached poles. The poles are pre-attached and connected to three hubs across the ceiling.

To set up this tent, lift upward on the v-shaped ridge pole at one end until the elbow joins flex. While one person holds the tent at one end, the other works way around the tent, flexing all the elbow joints until all the leg poles are standing. Then extend the telescopic poles until you hear the locking buttons engage. Do this until the six-leg poles are fully standing. The setup takes only one minute to complete.

This tent has a floor area of 14’ X 9’ that can easily fit up to six people comfortably along with bags and gear or can fit two queen-size mattresses. The tent has a height of 78 inches provide great moveability all around the tent. The tent seams are heated sealed to prevent rainwater from entering the tent. Core tent has a large T-shape door for easy access and ventilation through large mesh windows. This tent also features a room divider that allows you to convert the tent into separate rooms for more privacy when needed. 


  • Fabric: Durable 68D Polyester
  • Weight: 30.5 lbs
  • Occuapancy: Upto 9 Person
  • H2O technology blocks rain water pouring inside the tent
  • This tent is easy to setup due to pre-attached poles system
  • Comes with room divider to divide the tent into two separate sections
  • Mesh window and large T shape door provide great ventilation in summer
  • Very spacious, fit a queen & twin mattress
  • The fly does not cover the tent entirely, which does not protect the walls from the elements
  • Poles are not of high quality may bend when high wind stucks

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Hot Weather Tent 

Mountainsmith Morrison Hot Weather Tent

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Tent is a free-standing 2 person backpacking three-season tent. The tent requires only the door to be staked out and has two doors two vestibules. The weight of this tent is 5 pounds and 13 ounces. This tent comes with a storage bag made of 30 denier nylon, 7000 series aluminum poles, 7075 aluminum v-stakes, fly made of 185T polyester with a PU coating, and a 2000mm hydrostatic head rating. 

The mesh is 185T breathable polyester. The floor body is 190T polyester that features PU coating and a 5000-millimeter hydrostatic head rating. The zippers are of YKK zipper manufacturer. The tent dimensions are92″x56″x43. This tent is easy to set up and takes only 10 minutes if you have already set up such tents. The tent fly has a vent on the top to provide ventilation inside the tent. The tent has two mesh windows above the door to let cool air flow inside the tent.


  • Weight: 5.53 Pounds
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 92.0″ x 56.0″ x 43.0″
  • 2000mm Hydro static head ratingrain fly
  • Tent Fabric: 185T Breathable Polyester
  • Floor Fabric: 190T Polyester with PU coating and 5000mm HH rating
  • Two doors and vestibule for easy access to the tent
  • Fly vent for providing ventilation inside the tent
  • Mesh windows above the door for air flow
  • Easy setup with color-coded poles, and straps
  • Very limited breathability due to all fabric on the canopy blocking wind
  • Little expensive in this price range

Prota Canvas Cabin Tent

7'x9' Prota Canvas Cabin Tent, Deluxe

Prota Canvas Cabin Tent, Deluxe is a modern design tent equipped with 2 large windows and 4 windows, a sunblock canvas roof, and plenty of room inside, so it’s the ideal tent for warm weather camping and recreational activities. The Prota tent comes with spring rods, poles, guylines, an awning and tool kit, and a mallet. In addition, the package includes groundsheet and storage bags for the tent and poles. 

The Prota Canvas is made from innovative and sustainable DYNADUCK canvas. A durable and breathable 10.10-ounce army duck cotton canvas made with BCI cotton. The fabric is treated with proprietary PFC-free treatment. It’s a breathable high, performance water repellency UV protection and mold and mildew resistant finish.  

The frame of the Prota tent is made from T6 grade aluminum poles. Other than spring rods that are of steel. This means that the poles are lightweight while being extremely sturdy. The tent has a layer of durable no seam mesh behind the doors to protect from bugs and insects.

The tent has also get awning connected to the front of the tent. The awning can be rolled up or extended. This provides added cover or shade from rain and sunny days. 


  • Tent Fabric: 10.10 oz. Army Duck Cotton Canvas Water Repellent
  • FRAME MATERIAL: T6 grade aluminum poles
  • Weight: 30 kg or 66 lbs.
  • Floor: 7′ x 9′ or 63 square feet
  • Occupancy: Sleep up to 4 person
  • Army Duck Cotton Canvas provide great protection from UV rays and rainwater
  • Great ventilation due to 4 large windows and 2 large doors
  • Standing height of 6’3 offer great moveability
  • Include electrical outlet, large awning, ground sheet, carry bags
  • Proprietary shock-absorbing with stand harsh weather conditions
  • Most expensive tent among all in the list
  • Heavier tent only for car camping


Summer is when you go out and enjoy the sun and camp. There are many things to consider when choosing the right kind of tent for camping, and do your research depending on your selected campsite and weather conditions there.

That’s where Coleman Dark Room Tent is the best tent for hot weather. This tent is designed to keep you cool with its innovative design. Features like the Dark Room Technology and the WeatherTec system work together to make sure the inside of your tent stays cool and comfortable, even in the hottest weather. You’ll be able to sleep comfortably in this tent and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for your next adventure.

This tent from Coleman is budget-friendly and full of features you need in a summer camping tent. If you want to spend more, you can also consider the other options and choose from any listed tent.

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