Pop-up tents are very popular among outdoor lovers and backpackers because of their lightweights and easy set-up pop-up system. But one of the most challenging things about a pop-up tent is figuring out how to fold a pop-up tent. There are many different ways to do this, and it can be confusing when you’re in a hurry. This blog post will show you how to fold the pop-up tent quickly and easily without any confusion and hassle. 

How to Fold a Pop up tent Step by Step Guide

Whether you have a simple pop-up tent, beach pop-up tent, instant pop-up tent, we will take you through a complete step-by-step guide about taking down and folding a pop-up tent. So let’s start our guide on folding pop-up tents.

How to fold a pop up tent infographic

Pre-Folding Guide

  • Clean the Pop-up tent

Before you start folding your pop-up tent, you must clean it out thoroughly to remove dust and mud stuck to the tent. Take a wet piece of cloth and dip it into detergent fixed in water and rub it on the surface of the tent. Then again, apply a wet piece of cloth to remove any detergent traces on the tent. 

  • Dry out the tent

After wiping out the tent with water, let it dry out completely and leave it in the air for an hour. If you fold the wet tent, it will catch moisture, damaging the tent fabric. 

  • Untether the tent

Untie the tent by removing all the stakes attached to the ground to keep the tent stand stable on the ground. Remove the mud from the stakes by washing it out, and after drying them, place them into a stake bag. 

  • Remove the rainfly

If your tent has a rainfly, remove it, wash it well and then wrap it after drying it out in the air. Finally, store it in the tent bag. 

Video Guide on How to Fold a pop up tent

The video below demonstrates the process of folding a pop-up tent in a practical scenario. You can practice folding your tent by watching this video easily.

After following the pre-folding steps now, your pop-up tent is ready to be folded down and stored carefully in the bag to use for the upcoming camping trips.

The steps for folding pop-up tents apply to all types of pop-up tents, like pop-up beach tents and instant pop-up tents from a different manufacturer. If the folding guide mentioned here is different from your tent, you can consult the manufacturer’s guide for the procedure of folding your pop-up tent. Otherwise, this guide is general and nearly applies to all tents. 

Step 1: Remove any air inside the tent

Unzip the tent to remove any air trapped inside the tent. This allows you to fold and squeeze the tent easily.

Step 2: Grap the poles of the tent together

Grab the upper poles of the tent by holding the tent from the middle, then grab the lower base poles of the tent, keeping the doors open, so the air goes out. In this way, you have all the four sides grabbed in your hand.

Step 3: Rotate the tent upside

Now holding all poles together in your hand, move the tent upside, giving it a taco shape. 

Step 4: Pull the half tent inside

Now grab the two loops on the bottom side while keeping the tent stand tall. Then grab the upper loops and push them down, turn them forward toward the middle, and then forwards the side. Then you get the first two loops down inside the other two loops. 

Step 5: Keep the two circles intact by wrapping an elastic 

Pop-up tents come with an elastic strap attached to the side of the tent. Pull this elastic strap over the tent around to avoid the tent from popping out itself. 

Step 6: Place it inside the tent

Place your fully wrapped tent carefully inside the carrying bag, make sure it slides into the bag with ease without any hassle.


That all now you can easily take down and fold your pop-up tent easily into the carrying bag without any hassle to use it for the next camping trip. If you have any suggestions or questions, do let us know by contacting us here.


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